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Rivers Crisis: PDP youths slams party leadership over alleged failure to back Governor Fubara



The youthful members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP have expressed displeasure over the party’s failure to show solidarity with Governor Similaye Fubara who is facing political crises with his former mentor, Nyseome Wike.

Emma Umeh who is a popular loyalist of party reacted on the issue on, he wrote;

Let me put this on record that the Chairman of the @OfficialPDPNig Governor’s forum, Governor Bala Muhammed, has completely failed to show leadership and the needed comradeship to his colleagues. He is supposed to be a rallying figure but he is actively missing in action and seems aloof of the many wrongdoings happening.

More so, that his deputy in the PDP Governor’s forum, Governor Sim Fubara, is experiencing all the many political battles and he has not for once visited him or shown commitment to his person or worked the political wheels is quite shameful and disturbing.

Today, the Party is worse than the AAC… the party cannot play opposition to win the hearts of Nigerians. PDP supporters must hold PDP National acting Chairman and Governor Bala for the docility and shabby leadership we are currently witnessing in the Party.

They should both resign if they cannot galvanize the party and Nigerians into a formidable opposition. The PDP must wake up to play the role of an opposition and make the party more attractive to Nigerians as a credible alternative to the incompetent APC. Lots of Nigerians look up to the people as a viable alternative to take over power because Nigerians are going through a lot of pain, suffering, and hardship.

Instead, these leaders are busy gallivanting, cutting ungodly and anti-people deals with the government in power, and being scared to discipline people like Wike and his co-travellers. If you must win political power at the National and sub-national, you must wake up to do the work of playing active opposition politics and endear the PDP to the hearts of Nigerians. All those who love the PDP and good governance must rise and demand that these PDP leaders take the bull by the horns”

Reacting to this on, some members of the party wrote;

Ola Saheed:

Bala Muhammed is nothing but a complete failure.. we need to rescue this party. PDP is our party.

Prince Emmanuel:

The most horrible leadership we have ever witness since 1998.


We will continue to speak as Democrats because PDP remains the only alternative to the APC.


I have lost hope in the party fr, I mean what is there to salvage? Nearly all the leaders have made deals with this present government. The party is a shadow of its former self and it’s quite a pity.

News360 Nigeria reports that the Rivers governor has been on lock horns with Nyesome Wike his former boss of the political leadership of the state.

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